Advanced CheckSum Verifier - the utility for calculation and verification the MD5 and CRC32 checksums of files. It is intended for check of the data integrity, and for revealing of the changed, removed or damaged files. Uses a the MD5SUM utility format for MD5 checksum files and SFV (Simple File Verification) format for CRC32 checksum files.

Advanced CheckSum Verifier will allow you to be sure that files recorded to CD-R(W), or copied over a network are an exact copy of initial files. Or simply to check up, what files have changed. It is especially effective, when it is necessary to check up many files and/or the ramified folders tree.

The program can work in two modes: creating or updating checksum files, and verifying the checksum files for the specified folders tree.

During updating the checksums, the checksum of each file in the specified folder will be calculated and saved in a special file. This file is called "checksum file", and in dependence from the program options, this file may be one for folders tree, one for each folder or one for each file.

During verification the checksums, values saved in this files compares with the current checksum values of corresponding files and the warns, if they do not match. Warnings are given also if files are absent, or on the contrary, in the folder have appeared new files.

The program features:

  • Recursive processing the subfolders;
  • Setting a mask for selection of files for processing;
  • Setting a mask for selection of checksum files;
  • Five ways of creating the checksum files;
  • The detailed protocol of processing;
  • Supporting the MD5SUM (Message Digest number 5) file format;
  • Supporting the SFV (Simple File Verification - CRC32) format;
  • Remembers all settings and automatically restores them at the next launch;
  • Very simple and convenient graphic interface;
  • Very small and fast (written fully on WinAPI);

System requirements

  • Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP system
  • A little space on hard disk.