Quick start

For launch the program, execute the file ACSV.EXE. The main program window should appear.

Main program window just after start
Pic.1.Main program window just after start.

To start work, it is necessary to specify in a "Folder" field the folder with files. You can press the button at right side of this field to invoke the folder selection dialog box.

Folder selection dialog box
Pic.2.Folder selection dialog box.

Now, if the default settings satisfy you, it is possible to press button "Update" or "Verify" to begin, accordingly updating of checksum files or check of files. The program will start processing files in the specified folder, progress bar at the bottom of the main window will indicate how many files are processed, and window title will show percentage of work. The logging window will display the messages arising during processing.

Main program window during
Pic.3.Main program window during processing.

Please, wait end of work and look through the contents of a log window.

Main program window
Pic.4.Main program window after processing.