Registration of the program

The Advanced CheckSum Verifier is distributed as Shareware. This means that you have 30 days to try the program. After 30 day of use you should register it to continue using, or uninstall.

The embedded copy protection system counts the time of using and after 30 days after the first run will offer you to register (see Pic.1).

Trial expired dialog
Pic.1. Trial expired dialog.

If you click on the "Yes" button, the your browser will be launched and the software order page will be loaded (see Pic.2).

Software order page
Pic.2. Software order page.

First, you should decide what type of license is most meets to your requirements.

The personal license is mainly intended for home users and for other non-commercial usage. This type of license allow you to use the program on all of your computers owned by you personally (for example, on desktop and notebook) without purchasing the additional licenses.

If you want to use the program for corporate, government, business or other non-personal needs, you should purchase the business or site licenses. Business license is more favourable if you need only few installations. If you have more than 7 computers on your site, becomes more favourable the purchase of unlimited site license, that allows you to install and use the programm on unlimited number of computers at your site.

Other advantage of the site license is that you will not need to worry about number of installations, for example, in case of visit by the supervising organizations (BSA, etc.)

To start the ordering process, simply click the appropriate "Order now!" link and you will be redirected to secure ordering page. Starting this point all of your In this page select your ordering

Next page contains options for program installation (see Pic.3).

Select installation options
Pic.3. Select installation options.

These options mean the following:

Application files (required)
Installing program files. This option is always checked.
Create program group
Creating program group in programs folder of start menu.
…in Start menu
Creating shortcut to program in Start menu.
…on Desktop
Create shortcut to program on Desktop.
…on Quicklaunch bar
Creating shortcut to program on Quicklaunch bar.
Start program
Launch program after installation.

Check the options, which you want to install and click the "Next" button. The next page allow set the program folder (see Pic.4).

Set installation folder
Pic.4. Set installation folder.

Keep it as is if not necessary to install the program in another place and click the "Install" button. The installation process will be started and completed page will appear when done (see Pic.5)

Installation completed
Pic.5. Installation completed.

You can click "Show details" button to look that it was made (see Pic.6).

Installation logs
Pic.6. Installation logs.

Press "Close" button to finish installation.

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